Friday, May 7, 2010

On Writing....

"There are no truths,

only stories...."

Acoma Saying

Like most things in life, writing is a journey and a process, not only for the writer, but for the reader as well. It is an essential form of communication and expression. On a much deeper level, writing is a means of organizing thought when navigating a would barraged by sensory overloads in all forms; whole and fragmented, relevant and frivolous. By shaping thought, writing offers a way to master life's chaos, and ultimately provide a means of self-discovery and voice. Writing is a very powerful experience that allows us to make sense of our lives and experiences, ultimately providing insight into us all as human beings. It can be quite empowering.

As for me, I am a wordsmith, sometimes poet and forever storyteller. I have always been facinated by people's stories. Glimpses into the lives of another at an given moment in time provide meaning, purpose and ultimately immortality. It is the connections we develop with others, and ultimately within ourselves is where true wealth resides. The written word helps us reach through the temporal veil of time and space and touch the lives of those we may never know...



  1. Post Script: Thanks to all who have supported, encouraged, and inspired me to write again... The life I am finding is my own. I am forever endebted, and eternally grateful, to each and every one of you...

  2. You always seem to take my limited thoughts about a subject and expand on them, making me feel much more intelligent than I am..haha

    I love the idea of connection, after we are gone, leaving something for loved ones as well as others who we have never met in person. Meeting someone through their writing can be just as intoxicating as watching their lips move in person. Well done Ginger Clayton

  3. I must congratulate you as well, Mrs. Clayton. You most certainly are a wordsmith of the highest caliber and I myself feel like a much better person for having known you and read your work.