Thursday, April 8, 2010

Mother Goddess....

Hair on fire...
narrow slitted eyes
dark as coals...
Ears drawn back,
flattened like an angry cat
hissing through gritted teeth...
The earth moved
I was in trouble...
Dark and ominous
like an impending storm.
The room filled with her presence...
The sound of the last 'N' taking
a distinctivly higher pitch...
and my life would pass before my eyes.
But when the fury of the tempest passed
and the darkness receded,
Brown eyes smiled warmth and safety...
Sanctuary in a hostile world
the laughter and joy
in the silly things
and belief in a better you
Warm and nurturing
She was also candles and gentle rains
the smell of dinner in an empty house
She, a fashion queen
her daughter in cowboy boots
A child she didn't understand,
but really did...
Cameleon molded
to her children's needs
Larger than life, ever present,
Ever watching...
Shaper, molder of character
and being
even now, even more,
that she's gone.

I was raised by a Goddess...

1 comment:

  1. This is a wonderful piece of art that truly captures a woman who obviously made you into the great person you are.