Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Words are Watercolors

Words can be a lot of things, communication, symbolic code for things unseen, or even something to simply tune out. But for me, words are watercolors, delicate dabs on paper, each nuanced in hue and tone; combining the texture of thoughts, feelings, experiences and ideas; different choices, different textures, muted or solid, shadowed or bold in the mind of another. Imagery painted into structured form, watercolors coded into text.... text, like digital rain sequences cascading in our minds create meaning and color our lives. A simple sunrise suddenly becomes a raspberry hued dawn gently caressing the up raised faces of those she embraces... Words, indeed the written word, reaches through the vale of time and space with a magical quality. When skillfully blended, words conjure an alternate view of the mundane, making the ordinary, extra-ordinary...

Hungry Minds

Frustrated Youth
A wealth of Universe
In their minds
Open and Expansive
The space within
Cluttered and congested
with useless stimuli
No room to Fly
No room to Soar...
Souls weighted into
useless submission
of apathy...
The joy of breathing free
beyond their grasp
Reach them
Lift them
Peel away the trash...
Heal the brokeness
and set them free...
Needing direction
'Please teacher,
Teach me....'