Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Laima's Dream...

Goddess of fate
Spinning thread
In rythmic cadence
on a wheel
Threads to
the web of life
in strands
of consciousness
connected by
Fragile fibers
of destinies
into what is
meant to be...
in Words
now spun
as Stories
now woven
into the tapestry
of Laima's Dream....

According to Lithuanian mythology, Laima is the eternal spinner, weaving into the tapestry of life patterns of existence, destiny and fate. She is the beginning. We are connected to her by threads of consciousness woven and spun throughout the ages. My Great-Great Grandmother sat before a spinning wheel, as did generations before her, binding threads woven into a piece of cloth. It, like her dreams, were passed down generation after generation, mother to daughter, to me. It is the spinners that bind the family and hold it together. The connection is deep, almost primal. In learning about Laima, I better understand the women who shaped my life and ultimately myself. She is our mother, and we, her daughters.....

The Spinner weaves
The Weaver spins
and Laima dreams.....

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  1. That is deep. Much deeper than my mind goes from day to day. Thank you for forcing me out of that comfort zone to make me think past myself and into bigger and better places. Thank you so very much