Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wrestling Demons

There lies in each of us
a place no one sees,
a dark place
kept hidden away from the world,
a place
where demons dwell. 
that lurk in the recesses
in shadows
of our minds and our souls,
watching and waiting,
waiting and watching
for a chance,
a moment of weakness
to emerge
and wreak havoc
upon a fragile psyche. 
forged out of trauma, despair,
pain and betrayal. 
Hurts accumulated over a life time
and buried deep
left unattended,
to fester upon unacknowledged anger 
feeding upon deep seeded fear.
Deep into the night
the battle wages on
as oblivion consumes
Held at bay in dreamless sleep. 
Only to fade
Into the shadowed recesses
behind the masks we wear
In the light of day,



  1. Wow! Love this- I have felt this the last two nights- you captured the conflict perfectly- "forged out of trauma", "feeding upon deep seeded fear", "shadowed recesses"- beautifully worded for an ugly place that most of us visit.

  2. Have you been reading my mind lately?!! This is beautiful and once I started reading I couln't look away I was excited to keep on reading....what an amazing piece....I love the way you paint with words!

  3. I keep my demons in a box.. locked somewhere deep inside.
    I finally created a blog page as you've been telling me to :)
    your writings are beautiful.
    You truely have a gift.