Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Timeless winds
Blowing ever flowing,
Swirling consciousness in
Rivers of energy
And Chi flows.
Remnants of Lives,
Thoughts, memories
Quantum realities
Flow past carried in bits and pieces
Shimmering in the sun
Power in the unseen
Beyond thought
Beyond the mundane
Beyond the cars
That fills the parking lot below
And People moving to and fro.
How small we are
Oblivious to the forest
Lost in the trees of daily life…

In awe,
I watch currents move
Like the mind of God
Star dust remnants
And echoed dreams
Above and around and through
Swirling, curling
Moving life along
I look around
No one else seems to see
I am lost, Insignificant
Yet part of it
Connected to something greater
Awareness of something greater
For a moment I can see
Now and forever humbled,
I join the people moving to and fro


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

For Judith…

The Goddess Made Manifest

She is timeless
Ever present
All knowing
Gentle guide
of Infinite Wisdom...
Mother figure
Connected in time
Stream of Consciousness
Hair wild and flowing
Infinite strands
Binding together
Swirling patterns in currents
Of cosmic dreams
In purple mists
And Silver mirrored realities
Pointing the way
To universal mysteries
And self- discovery
A tiny frame
Larger than life
Ancient and Ageless
My guide
My mentor
The Goddess
Made manifest