Thursday, July 7, 2011


Earthy                                            Spirit
Down and Dirty In the mud          Intuitive Visions
Rough around the Edges              Soothing variations of light
Momma in combat boots              Everywhere and Nowhere…
Warm dark richness                    Time-lapsed skies
Nurtured hope                              Dimensional Rivers
Healing Rain                                   Everywhere and Nowhere…
Warrior                                          Just Feel
Peacemaker                                    Just Flow
Goddess                                         Just Be
                  One Heartbeat

                                    One Breath…                          
                                      Together in me….

Sunday, July 3, 2011


Anger and fear
Fear and hate
Imprisoned Within
Cowered in the corner
No hope of escape
No trust
So much anger
So much fear
A family drowning
In its pain
Slave mentality
In generational sorrow
Chained to the past

Hope lies in another vision
The window
In Plato's cave
In light

Hands reaching
lifting up
The way out
In new beginnings
True faith lies
In the goodness
Of others...